Maplestory 2 - Historic Desert BGM

[MapleStory] Best Thief Fifth Job Skill

It may have been a glitch, but I saw a vid where a dB stacked asura with his 5th job skill. like the animation of asura was canceled by chains of hell allowing another skill to be casted while asura dmg is still active. how’s

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Hard Magnus Suggestion Thread

While I’m very much aware that these threads are a dime a dozen, I think that with the V patch coming up, it’s time Nexon finally changed Hard Magnus and removed some of the antihack measures that were implemented years ago. So let’s address each


All the party quests back then were really fun

I love much with the current maple, could be better with things but at least some things were listened to. But who’s bright idea was it to punish partyplayer? you have to get close to a party of six just to get over the EXP

Maplestory Luminous

It helped seeing as nexon will get more money

I know a lot of you are concerned with whether or not the limit to Maplehood Watch is 3 per world, or 3 per character. There’s definitely a disparity (and some inaccurate information) between the event post, the patch notes, and how it works in