1,000,000 dollars for Old Maplestory

If 1 mil people put $1 in then that should be enough to make old maple. Quick, EMS, JMS, KMS and the others, start crowdfunding!

Nope, there hasn’t been an answer so everyone that wants it can and should keep asking. Quit trying to spread defeatist propaganda!

I will take being called persistent as a compliment. The thing is, GMS forums are the only place that something like crowdfunding could be started on. The campaign is for a Nexon product and this is it. Unless we count their employees which might be able to do more.

At first I was just bored when I made this and not completely serious but actually if some kind of funding project did happen and if Nexon chose a version right before potentials hit and then if Nexon added in pvp before capture the flag, I would play that.

A version of Maplestory w/o potentials, with CPQ and with pvp? (which didn’t come until after BB)
I would be willing to help pay to make that a reality.

Don’t get the wrong the idea, if Maplestory’s masters say that old maple is a no go then that would be the end of it. (as tragic as that would be) But to my knowledge that day has not come.

Just because no one from the company talks about it does not mean that they do not care about it. Only that old maple is not a critical matter. Between the 4 pages there and the threads that came before, I think that most active forum users already have their opinions represented. No need to comment unless you want to.

When given the choice between promoting the inaccurate viewpoint that the subject is settled and over or promoting the slim chance of old maplestory, it is an easy pick for me.

Even if the probability for old maple was close to 1 in a million, I would choose that any day over the 100% unproven fantasy that the idea is not going to happen.

Which means that any and all solutions should be up for debate, at least until Nexon says otherwise.

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