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New Trailer MapleStory 2

G-Star 2014 New Trailer MapleStory 2

MMORPG MapleStory is still a pretty big fan base. And many of them are looking forward MMORPG MapleStory 2, which, incidentally, is the first part prikveklom. And so it became known that the company Nexon brought to the exhibition G-Star 2014 new trailer MapleStory 2.

MapleStory2 convey to the players

3 MMORPG brightest most ambitious in G-Star 2014

G-Star is the largest annual gaming event Korea and an opportunity for game makers, game companies to introduce and promote their new product range. G-Star 2014 will take place this weekend, from 20-23 / 11 in Busan, South Korea marked the presence of large game

Get to know your MapleStory2 Weapons

Get to know your MapleStory2 Weapons, PVP, towns, more

We’ve been working hard over at MS2.TV. Have a peek: Weapons! – Archer Ranger and Heavy Gunner Weapons Details – Magician Priest and Wizard Weapons Details – Thief Thief and Assassin Weapons Details – Warrior Berserker and Knight Weapons Details Customization – Build your own

MapleStory 2 Class Skills

MapleStory 2 Class Skills

Are these like 1st job skills? Priest ~ Heal skill can you know if it’s a party skill? ~ It looks like only 2 attacking skills “Holy Explosion, Angel Ray” ~ Most passive skills in all class that’s must big a huge plus if it’s