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Clouds maplestory2 Guild Recruitment Post

Hello and Welcome, For anyone who is interested in joining the Clouds Guild, this post is for you. For those who have no idea what Im talking about, and don’t know what Clouds is, please refer to the Clouds Guild page and scroll down to

MapleStory2 Rangers

MapleStory 2 – Heavy Gunner class teaser

There is a new post titled “The Fourth Adventurers Choice” on the MapleStory 2 homepage. Adventurers Choice is a series of posts where they involve the players to change some contents of the game. This time they’re asking what kind of name should be given

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Maple Story 2 cash shop

Hello everybody, does anyone know If Nexon will introduce P2W thing in Maple Story 2? Everyone knows they’re very greedy. I mean potentials, equip slots… etc. is such a ridiculous rip off in MS1 and big disadvantage in comparison to other players. They did so