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Raging Lotus Set Cool maplestory2 Glitch

So i was looking at the Lotus Package and noticed that the Aura is a Cape which is always good…. unlike the Halloween Demon/Angel package i was hoping the Demon/Angel effect was part of the wings but it was not -_-, anyways due to the

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Glitched Cash maplestory Items – Dragon Lord Gloves

I do know if anyone remembers these gloves or what happened, but back a while ago (somewhere around when Xenon was released) there was an glitched event that hackers caused. It was the Black Dragon Event (I think it was this one? Can’t remember) and

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MapleStory 2 Final CBT Details Preview

Nexon has released the first video of MapleStory 2 mount gameplay via its official site recently. And they also answer some questions about the upcoming CBT from MapleStory 2 fans. MapleStory 2 final CBT will be available from May 1st to May 10th in South


What is the function of MapleStory 2 Mesos –

MapleStory 2 Mesos will serve as the game’s main currency. You may purchase equipment (weapons and armor), Potions, equipment, transport, cosmetics, guilds, real estate, and perhaps to improve your character’s potency. These items are sold by NPCs and by other real-world players, but some items can