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MapleStory 2 May Release Its OBT on July 2

It’s been half a month since MapleStory 2 KR final test finished. And what is the date of MapleStory 2’s return? Recently, Nexon has officially teased that MapleStory 2 will come back in July via its conference invitation. Though there is no significant information in

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Hey Maplers Should I Return?

Hey Maplers, I began my mapling career probably about seven years ago this year. I remember the peaceful community, the amazing boat trips from Point A to Point B gathering with friends and strangers alike…but then I quit… Fast forward to maybe 4 years ago

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Last 3 maplestory monster research quests

Am I the only one who thinks it’s completely crazy that the last 3 monster research quests (quests 7-9) are all collection quests, requiring you collect 500┬ámaplestory items (100×2 for moon bunny, 100×2 for ribbon pig, and 100 for slimes)? How is anyone without a

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Mechanics Dependency on maplestory Rapid Tapping

Having a chance to give Mechanic a try, I found out something: to be the most effective bosser, you need to be in tank mode and spam the holy hell out of AP Salvo Plus and Homing Missiles… But in the instances I had to

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MapleStory 2 KR Open Beta Will Arrive in This July

The final test for Nexon’s highly anticipated MMO MapleStory 2 has just finished, but Nexon won’t stop its path to present a better MapleStory 2 to players. Recently, Nexon Korea has officially announced that MapleStory 2 OBT will start in this July, but it hasn’t

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Nexon maplestory We need to talk, seriously

I can not believe that every time there is a double experience weekend event, all these “pros” and those who reach the maximum cap of damage, take over all maps on all channels both first drill hall as Second drill hall … that’s not all,

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Do you think there will be raid style MS2 bosses?

By this I mean, bosses that require multiple parties to enter and defeat together. Zakum looks like a ton of people are needed to defeat it but idk if they’re planning a legitimate raid style party system What do you guys think? Will raid parties