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Maplestory 2 Leveling Guide for Levels 30 to 40!

Salutations everyone, Orrador here with a quick guide on leveling from 30 to 40 in Maplestory 2! As I said before in the previous “Level 1 to 30” Guide. This isn’t an official “This is the way to do it” guide, this is just where


MapleStory 2 Papulatus battle

The fact is most people played MS for the pixel art style, 2D platforming and nice hand drawn art style. Now this shit here might as well be another chibi “Song of Fantasy” bs with deformed chars that look sooo awkward in 3D, in 2D

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Let’s Predict MapleStory 2 NA Release!

Anybody wanted to take guesses when MapleStory 2 will be released in NA? My guess is as early as January 2016 if they respond to fan outcry. If not, then we will get it as late as Summer 2016. I say this because MapleStory 1

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Maplestory The dissapointment is so real

When I think Pink Bean, I do not think strong or even very strong. Pink Bean is broken, and that’s really what I expected from the PB character. Considering all the limitations placed on him, and the fact that he’s one of the super bosses,

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Maplestory: To All Hardcore Trainers

Hi everyone, Just wanted to hop on here today to explain what happened to myself and maybe be able to save someone a headache in the process. Last night at 9:07pm PST I was contacted by the Game Manager and shortly after at 9:12pm PST.

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Okay, I just had a really strange experience

I was playing my Beast Tamer. I went to El Nath to kill Zak, reach 130, and get the event ring. I got the Eye of Fire from Adobis, killed all the arms and the first phase Zak. Okay, here’s the strange part. After Zak