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Upcoming skill maplestory

Upcoming skill changes REBOOT Edition! Round 1

Remember when I talked about what skill changes are gonna happen in Black Heaven and Maple Ice & Burn? Well I thought of doing another one, this time it’s REBOOT, World Tour (September 10 update), and Chuseok (September 26 update). Here we go! The changes!

Maplestory beta tester

Maplestory beta tester

Came and went several times over the years. I’ve been glad that I stuck with the game since first hearing about it a long time ago. I might be off topic, though I’ll also be on topic about the history as well. Though I might

Buying a New Computer For Maplestory 2

Buying a New Computer For Maplestory 2

I just ordered my gaming computer and I am really excited to get it soon. My new computer is perfect for gaming and I can not wait until the Release of Maplestory 2. There is only one problem… The operating system I bought for my

90 Pink Bean Leveling Cheats

Level ~90 Pink Bean Leveling “Cheats”

Okay, discovered this today. I did this at level 94 with basically just a few junk equips (using a Paper Stick as my main weapon), but you can probably do it at a lower level, especially if you have better equips. This probably also works

Maplestory Disconnecting

Maplestory Disconnecting problems

Moving this to tech. problems does not fix this growing problem I “disconnect” anywhere from 20~50 times in any giving day. I lost <thinks about it> 46 2x double exp / drop coupons cause I disconnected. [all buffs are removed when you d/c oc….] Disconnect

Chaos patch NX

Evan Chaos patch NX set

I know it wont likely come but might as well request for it, basically i’m asking for the normal Evan nx set but in black like Evan in this picture As you can see its black instead of red, i’m requesting it since I would