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maplestory Storm Growth Potion

BigWig Storm Growth Potion

To my surprise, the description of Thursdays hot week item is lacking information. Thursday, November 12 – BigWigs Storm Growth Potion: Untradeable, expires after 3 days. Cannot be used on Lv. 250 characters. In the past these potions gave enough EXP to level you up,

Take Maple World On the Go With Pocket MapleStory

Take Maple World On the Go With Pocket MapleStory!

MapleStory, the world-famous free-to play MMORPG you play on your PC, is now fully optimized for mobile devices! Pocket MapleStory is a mobile game published by Nexon Korea that just launched worldwide. It’s an epic, casual, side-scrolling action, RPG game made for everyone who loves