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Unable to claim the Andromeda Chair

Unable to claim the Andromeda Chair?

Okay, so I just finished collecting all 12 Constellation Chairs… but I see no quest or anything that will give me the Andromeda Chair. Here are my Constellation Chair collection. I have 1. Double-checked to make sure I did not buy two of the same

maplestory REBOOT

List of things for REBOOT

Being a long time mapler, I love the idea of this server. But I play for the end game, which is poorly suffering right now in the server. Also some things need some transparency in which even the live chat GMs have little to know

maplestory Sizzling Santa

Frequent Crashing & Disconnects

Hello, I’m a VERY new player to Maplestory, started about 3 days ago. The First day went off without a hitch, no issues, no lag, very enjoyable and had fun. So the next day I get on, I’m not lagging or anything, but I disconnected

MapleStory 2 Will be Published by Tencent in China

MapleStory 2 Will be Published by Tencent in China

NEXON today announced that its consolidated subsidiary, NEXON Korea Corporation entered into an agreement with Tencent to service MapleStory 2 in China. Developed in-house and launched in Korea in July 2015, MapleStory 2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. In addition to its endearing