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maplestory Guild

Handing over Guild Leadership to Offline memebers

I think it should be done, simply because I’d like to give my guild to my mule on the same account without having to go through a process of using a second account, whether it’s mine or someone else who’s helping me. That can mostly

Maplestory Reboot

Help Me With Maplestory Coins Please!

Help Me With Maple Coins Please! Through the years, I have accumulated almost 20 types of Maple in-game coins! I know which ones are current, e.g., Silent Crusade, Monster Park, Evolving Coin so I’m going to hold onto these but my Etc. inventory is FULL

1,000,000 dollars for Old Maplestory

1,000,000 dollars for Old Maplestory

If 1 mil people put $1 in then that should be enough to make old maple. Quick, EMS, JMS, KMS and the others, start crowdfunding! Nope, there hasn’t been an answer so everyone that wants it can and should keep asking. Quit trying to spread

Maplestory Questions

Maplestory Questions after a 2 year break

1. What is this reboot world? I’m not sure I understand even after reading a little about it. 2. What classes are currently “most wanted” when partying up with others and whatnot? I have a 201 Bishop on… Mardia, I think, so any class not

MapleStore Plushies from Korea

MapleStore Plushies from Korea!

I got my plushies from the MapleStore today! Thank you Mino for helping me! I know you can hear me breathing, it’s annoying. I pretty much had my mic about 6 inches from my face and didn’t consider this. My bad.

Masteria Through Time

Masteria Through Time [Discussion]

the hype right now is so real. A Masteria expansion like i cant even begin…. What do YOU hope to see in this update. for me. a Naricain boss fight, like oh man i do want this boss fight i do HOPE it’s going to