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maplestory Shiny Easter Egg

On the handling of the Shiny Easter Egg affair

I’d like to start by thanking Michael and the team for restoring the buffs’ permanence. It is a great improvement on past Nexon behavior, a sign that we are being listened to and Nexon is willing to acknowledge mistakes and rectify them. However, the handling

maplestory Xenon

My personal recommendation would be Xenon

Personally I would recommend most of the current Cygnus Knights (Mihile excluded) for the sake of accessibility and saving you ms mesos later in your 4th job. However, I had a similar experience to yours when I started playing this game. A friend recommended me

maplestory Meister professions

Something is bothering me though

I have noone that will smega a congrats to me (very sad face here for real) since noone really gives a crap about me in this game (not looking for sympathy…it is what it is), so I wanted someone else to know, besides my family,

Maplestory Aquarius Crown

Aquarius Set Maplestory items

You know how the Aquarius Crown has no set effect, 1 all stat and 1 att / m attack and DOUBLE the base amount of slots of a Root Abyss hat? How about you guys make an level 150 armor set with no set effects

1000 bellflower challenge

1000 bellflower challenge

in order to get the BEST reward from “gathering up the lacking ingredients” you need to collect 1000 100 year old bellflowers. I did it, so now I challenge YOU to complete the 1000 bell-flower challenge.

Masteria Android Shop

[Maplestory Suggestion] Masteria Android Shop

I’d like to throw out suggestions based on the androids that are obtained through the masteria through time blockbuster. Seeing as they’re obtained through masteria, i think it’d be an interesting idea to theme the shop to masteria. Let me elaborate for clarity. I believe