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It should be illegal to have this much unused defense

It should be illegal to have this much unused defense

And I’m not even a paladin. I think there should be a bonus for classes with cap exceeding defense that converts into a ratio of HP % damage reduction. Like for STR classes, it would be based on 1:1000. For thieves, it’d probably be like

Backup Beatdown

Remove the skill interval of Jett’s Backup Beatdown

Backup Beatdown is a decent skill. It hits quite a large number of enemies and its final attack is very powerful… What I find problematic is its skill interval. The final attack is programmed to be automatically activated, just as the skill explanation says, approximately

Demon Outlaw class

Demon Outlaw class

I really wouldn’t enjoy a class more if this was a playable class in the game. A dual-wielding gun slinger that’s a half-demon-half-angel hybrid who’s a top class bad-ass demon killing machine. Demon Outlaw would focus on ranged attacks while blasting foes away with a

Maplestory Blockbusters and SoloStory

Blockbusters and SoloStory

Why must “Blockbusters” be strictly solo content? In Black Heaven, the entire Maple Alliance is gathering to fight – but you can’t bring your friends. Apparently, it’s more important to fill the Lumiere with ordinary Cygnus Knights and Resistance fighters, than to bring your friends

Murgoth Dungeon

Murgoth Dungeon Suggestions

By and large, Murgoth Dungeon is a great event. It had a lot of thought put into it. Unfortunately, as with most events…. the community has ruined it. Here’s how: 1) Using alts – Many people just play against/with their alts. If they’re matched with