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Give me an honest answer about the insane amount of hackers in MS

Maplestory Demon Avenger takes hits like a champ

Evan is extremely squishy! I’m level 161 right now, and I’m trying to push through the Temple of Time quests, and with the Oblivion Guardians dealing about 4k-5k damage to me per attack, and not being able to use potions as quickly as I need

Which skills should I use as Hayato

Which skills should I use as Hayato?

Forgive me for not having played him in a while and checking, but from what I can remember while murdering zakum with him during the crush event at his revamp, it seems the update only added on to his arsenal more than editing existing stuff

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Top FFXIV Gil Service Provider In The World

If you are one of MMORPG players,you will find that there are many online sites offering you MMO Gold. You can be puzzled about your purchasing decisions. There is a possibility of banning your account if you buy MMO Gold from illegal site. To get

I love Singapore City Run

I love Singapore City Run

I been doing rounds of this along with the USA Pinball for 2x scrolls but if there is one thing I love besides puzzle games and shmups…Are endless runners. ; I’ll keep trying to best my own scores until this is over Also with these

maplestory Perm

Perm Nx in Reboot is Rigged

So what’s up the premium, anniversary boxes? The Cash shop update page says there’s like 100 different selections you can possibly get from opening a box but they don’t list all the items that you can get. I feel like Nexon should give a clear