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Suggestion for future burning events

Allow us to burn characters above level 200 but change the way it works for them. Instead of giving them 2 free levelups every time they level, instead just give them a passive 3x exp modifier until the event ends. You can place restrictions on

Maplestory Luminous

Gollux Maps need to be fixed and EXP problems

Ok, I was fighting the gollux body parts and made a heart-stopping discovery: you don’t only lose exp at the head, but also the abdomen, AND shoulders! But it seems I lose WAY more exp while battling the head. I hate to say it (I

maplestory Genderless

Allow Fusion Anvil to change Genderless

This idea has been proposed several times but never gotten too much attention, although I still feel like it is a pretty big drawback for many players. Basically, I want to say ~90% of equipment cannot be fused to end-game equips such as Root Abyss,

maplestory level 220

I reached level 220 today

While there are some stability issues still being worked on and made things a challenge I kept pushing forward, With 3 2x scrolls and a 1 day 2x scroll from the reward shop I was going to make this happen! As you can see I

Maplestory Demon Classes

The Problems Marvel Machine creates within this mmorpg

Marvel Machine is great and all for things like 9th Anniversary Prime Scrolls however it ruins the lure of grinding for the high end gear that are supposed to be difficult to obtain. In future patches, that include even higher end gear, can we NOT

Maplestory Demon Classes

Maplestory Two New Demon Classes

Cygnus Knights and Resistance both have four or more innate classes (counting Xenon) so I think it’d be cool if the demons had their own set. There’s already Demon Slayer and Demon Avenger so they could add Demon Slasher or Demon Scythe where they would