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All the party quests back then were really fun

I love much with the current maple, could be better with things but at least some things were listened to. But who’s bright idea was it to punish partyplayer? you have to get close to a party of six just to get over the EXP

Maplestory Luminous

It helped seeing as nexon will get more money

I know a lot of you are concerned with whether or not the limit to Maplehood Watch is 3 per world, or 3 per character. There’s definitely a disparity (and some inaccurate information) between the event post, the patch notes, and how it works in

Maplestory 2 classes

No exp boosts beyond the occasional rune

Okay, Sassmaster9000, I was talking to you. You have five weeks to get five classes to level 100. I did it, no exp boosts beyond the occasional rune, in three or four days. I started on one class, then decided against it so I restarted

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[MapleStory] Best Class of Each Type

Frostzar You pick adventurer and then go to Ellinia after the Tutorial. On level 30 you can choose to be a cleric I think and then later to be a bishop. But I honestly can’t recommend bishop for a beginner, because his DPS is just