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Arans are pretty good mobbers

They both have amazing range and (Range). Good mobbers, but once they hit around 200 these guys are going to fall off. It’s not gonna be as easy for them and alot of us solo target people will take off. “Hayato, Thief/Pirate classes, Bezerkers, and

maplestory REBOOT

Reviewing Every Archer Class in MapleStory

Hansen or install nexon launcher, once you’ve done that you can find maplestory in nexon launcher and install, you won’t have to install it twice since you already have all the necessary files for the game, that’s how I fixed my problem lol. That’s what


The characters all seem so bland

I just feel that the new official Hero art is a little… lackluster? I mean the art’s good, great even, but the characters all seem so… bland to me, like they’re all on the verge of falling asleep or something. Maybe it’s the way their


Decent skills are ok

I rather like the Status Immunity idea, considering the upcoming nerf to status resistance (in V). However, getting full immunity to just about every status, just for getting 5 explorers to 120, seems a tad bit overpowered. In comparison, currently, getting 5 Cygnus Knights to