A Hard Mode for between Normal and Chaos/Hell mode for Zakum, Horntail, PB, & others

There’s just too big of a gap between Normal and Chaos Zakum. I’m certain that Nexon Korea will make all chaos mode bosses just as hard, even harder, leaving several players behind to kick tin cans down an alleyway.

Since I’m pretty sure that those chaos bosses will soon be out of reach for a large amount of players, I’d like to propose a suggestion that brings about Hard Mode bosses. I would assume Chaos Mode and Hell Mode would naturally be the same difficulty, and just mistranslated but still means the same. Hard Mode would be the step between Normal and Chaos and acts as a low-quality drill through the thick, massive, paywall.

Hard Mode bosses would essentially be the same as current chaos mode bosses (excluding chaos Zakum), but with maybe 2x-4x their current HP and half as challenging as the soon-to-be “new” versions of chaos bosses. We also need to make sure that their hit boxes are accurate. The hit boxes for Zakums arms are obviously too small even IF your skill’s attack range should have hit them.

I’m a big fan of being able to see your progression in games, but with such a large gap between the easy/regular boss and the hard mode its really hard to do this. The gap between regular and chaos zakum is now huge and even if you can solo regular zakum it will be a looooong time before you can solo chaos zakum, which doesn’t pay well with the idea of progressing your character.

Same thing with Hilla, Arkarium, Magnus and RA. The difference between the regular versions and the hard versions is much too hard. For Hilla and Akarium either nerf the harder version (preferably considering their lack of notable drops) or add in a third option that is between the regular and current hard version. For RA, buff up regular RA by a lot and then consider adding in a hard RA option as well. For Magnus just buff normal magnus a little bit. The difference in these two fights is mainly an HP wall, no added mechanics for the HMag fight.

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