About soloing in Maplestory

things I have heard in every other MMORPG is that people don’t solo often… as soon as people are familised with the game they tend to form party and go along with the group. However for maple… that dose NOT seems to be the case as I believe it is very possible to go to level 100~200 without ever interacting with another player…

why is that so? Why is it despite Maple being labeled as MMORPG no one ever seems to be interested in party works now days?

how can maplestory enforce more social interaction?
cause one thing that is disappointing in current maple is LACK OF SOCIAL INTERACTION WITH ANOTHER PLAYER AND ITS HEAVY RELIANCE ON SOLOING.

but how do other MMOs do it. Why do most MMO players say first thing about MMO is interacting with other people and ending soloing ASAP because soloing is a sign of noob. BUT in maplestory there is hardly any social interaction. It won’t be problem if it was offline RPG but since it is MMORPG it IS a problem… since it loses MMO part of its genre… nowdays I feel Maple is more like Single player RPG that HAPPENS to be online…

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