All the party quests back then were really fun

I love much with the current maple, could be better with things but at least some things were listened to. But who’s bright idea was it to punish partyplayer? you have to get close to a party of six just to get over the EXP you get solo. One thing I’d love is a little thing you introduced in Alishan… Make it where you don’t get your EXP until you either finish or fail in R&J quest so that the botters won’t stay there for hours for the EXP. and put in a 120 minute time limit to finish or you’re ejected and can’t go back in for five minutes.

But I agree with Cataloo… the community was great. I had a level 100 drop an extra weapon (level 100, the troll) to give me an incentive to keep grinding up so I can use it… it wasn’t greatly scrolled back then but it had extra stats. but I get off topic. We need something to make parties fun to bring in. Something where a 3rd or 4th job character teams up with a 1st job character for an event. I Loved the Icy and Fiery agents event where new players were helped by old and they both have a reward.


Some of my favourite things from old MS would have to be Carnival PQ, grinding in NLC haunted mansion, huge Zakum raids (but I guess Ursus kind of takes the place of huge Zakum raids?), huge Headless Horseman raids, expedition tab, how much party play effected training, how difficult it was to go from level 0-100 compared to now, and finally the old PVP system.

All the party quests back then were really fun. As opposed to now when everybody’s focused on grinding their hearts out. Well, the PQs were a grind sort of, but they were a fun grind, and you didn’t really get tired of them, because they were fun.

The EXP gain has changed a lot throughout the years, I remember leveling being much harder in 2007 than in 2008, for example. Part of that can be attributed to how the early game became a lot faster with the Maple Island redesign and early game quests giving more EXP. I liked it when it was slower to level, because the community made it feel like such a huge thing.

I liked the vastness of the maps. They were huge and fun to explore, even with secret maps inside. I was completely crushed when they removed some of my favorite maps in Big Bang.

I made it to around 90 with a Hermit, 75 with an I/L Mage and a 60 Night Walker toward the end. But it didn’t feel as grindy as it does now. A lot of days I wouldn’t even train in the game at all, and neither would a lot of people. Nowadays grinding feels almost forced upon you.

Events were also a lot more fun in the old days. My favorite event being the MV/Guy Fawkes event, where you had the jump quest before you’d fight him in his lair. Now almost every event is a grindfest, and they feel really uninspired as opposed to before.

I also really liked the style the old MapleStory had. Even the way you logged in was nice. It was like, you opened a book and in that book was an adventure. You logged in and went up the tree — you get the idea. The game was atmospheric back then, now it feels uninspired.The Reboot server is the best update the game has had for years. Still thought it was way too lenient though, just found it a nice change in the way you played the game really.

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