Allow Fusion Anvil to change Genderless

This idea has been proposed several times but never gotten too much attention, although I still feel like it is a pretty big drawback for many players. Basically, I want to say ~90% of equipment cannot be fused to end-game equips such as Root Abyss, for instance, because almost all equipment has a gender lock on it whereas Root Abyss equips do not. This basically leaves us without a good way to fuse RA to anything.

1) Lock the genderless equipment to a gender and perhaps even make the equipment untradeable as well if the fear of cross-dressing is that much of an issue. Allow the equipment’s new gender-lock to be unlocked by fusing it to either a genderless equipment again or fuse it to the opposite gender (which will lock it to the other gender instead). THIS FUNCTION IS ALREADY IN THE GAME FOR THE FRIENDSTORY’S “REGULAR SCHOOL UNIFORM” SO IT WOULDN’T REQUIRE MUCH ADDITIONAL CODING. This idea just needs to be introduced to other equips.

EX: Fuse grey t-shirt (male) to Root Abyss top which locks it as a Male only equip. Fuse it to another Root Abyss top to make the equip genderless again or fuse it to a female top to lock it as female.

2) Whenever one tries to fuse a genderless equip to an equip with gender, simply prompt a warning and lock the item to the account permanently once the message is accepted to change the gender. The owner can still only equip items that are his or her gender regardless of what gender they fused the item to.

Either of these two solutions would definitely attract a lot of players to buy more fusion anvils, and everyone would be happy at the end of the day. Please discuss!

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