Aquarius Set Maplestory items

You know how the Aquarius Crown has no set effect, 1 all stat and 1 att / m attack and DOUBLE the base amount of slots of a Root Abyss hat? How about you guys make an level 150 armor set with no set effects but are similar to the crown with double base slots and 1 for stats as base. Like an Overall with 24 slots (26 hammered), a shoe with 14 slots (16 hammered), a cape with 14 slots (16 hammered), and maybe some gloves with 14 slots (16 hammered) and tag Aquarius in front the names of all of them as if they came from some ancient king named Aquarius. Give them a royal look to match the Aquarius Crown and i’ll be happy with that.

Stick them in marvel machine, tower of oz or even make someone grind their @$$ off to get it from the kritias shop like a pair of tyrant gloves. I don’t care how its in there as long as its got a better chance of acquisition than the Aquarius Crown as a once in a lifetime miracle of a drop that no amount of drop rate will help with because its just that freaking low. I don’t expect it to be popular as they’ll be without a set and absolute trash when clean and untouched. I just want that high slot count for transposing because this would be a good alternative to tyrants if you care to prime scroll it up for normal classes or give demon avengers another blessing with something to get a ton of 30% spell trace hp scrolls on to match up to tyrants just like Aquarius crown matches and depending on your potentials, BEATS a 15 star tyrant for us. I would say Aquarius crown all primed up and 15 stars is possibly equal to but most likely a little less for your range than a 15 star tyrant. Oh and it better be an overall if you give this so people will shun away from it if they don’t like missing the extra item for potentials but will take for slots if they don’t care.

281 all stats all primed up and 15 starred, but it’ll be missing the 180 attack of a tyrant and the 115 all stat extra over a 15 star tyrant doesn’t exactly match up with that 180 attack unless you’re a Xenon. Now unless you’re a Demon Avenger doing hp scrolling or a Xenon, it won’t match up to tyrants because of the way stats are weighted compared to attack. If you wanna see a primed up 15 star one come to GRAZED server and go in fm1, look for Noble’s shop and you’ll see his 15 star perfectly primed legendary potential and legendary bonus potential 4% all stat nebbed crown sitting in his shop waiting for a buyer. Awesome as it is people just don’t freaking touch the stuff unless they got the funds to do it and don’t mind replacing their probably already legendary root abyss hat that’s already scrolled with incredible chaos scroll of goodness for attack or primed up with a no set effect hat. Other people that use it would be those using Sweetwater (rarely) or those that are trying it out on an alternate character than what they’re already godly on.

Don’t like the cost? try doing 15% spell trace outside fever time to perfect your fafnir … I did it . . twice. Try getting a SPECIFIC stat from magnificent souls from the top 2 tiers of magnificent souls. I currently have failed 7 times trying to get 10 or 12% crit chance on a magnificent soul. The people that actually tried to scroll up an Aquarius Crown after getting it or 15% trace a weapon do it full well knowing it will either be sorta cheap if lucky but more likely to cost a lot to perfect on primes or 30% traces either way because its so many chances to fail and need to redo.

This is not for the faint of wallet . . . its a crap item at start that turns out awesome with a good bit of funds thrown at it. Consider the Outlaw heart added to the marvel machine. Honestly, hearts aren’t all that strong or good for your range unless you have funds to prime it or use some other old anniversary scroll. And yet people will buy it for 20+ billion mesos or for say $200 over paypal or something. Why? because. . . its the best if you got funds to work on it. Same with your Tyrants, they are not that great for your range till you got the funds to get it to 10+ stars and have the weapon potentials and %stat to support them. The plain and simple excuse for allowing these kinds of items in game is because the whales will pay. Deal with it . . . you won’t pay, but the whales will in most cases knowing it costs a bunch to do it.

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