Attendance Equip Tab 8 Slot Coupon not expanding my slots?

I’m not sure if this is a bug, but the Equip Tab 8 Slot Coupon I got from the Attendance Event doesn’t expand my Equip tab by its 4 remaining unlock-able slots.

If this item is intended to work like this, then how am I supposed to obtain a 4 Slot version of this item in order for me to expand my slots?! There’s virtually no way for me to obtain such an item, aside from the one-time reward from Tot’s, which I already claimed and used long ago. Both the 10th Anniversary Shop and Cash Shop sells only 8 Slot Coupons, not 4 Slot versions. So I’m getting the notion here that I’ll never be able to expand my slots (for both my Equip and Set-up tabs, which each have 4 remaining slots not yet unlocked).

Screenshots to make better sense of the situation:

Probably unlikely, but I hope that Nexon can fix this problem (?) before my coupon expires (on June 28).

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