Ban efficiency to slow the amount of botting and hacking across servers


I was looking at the maplestory subreddit and there was a post concerning the amount of Demon Slayer bots that are showing up right now. And I feel like yes it does need to be addressed as much as I’m sure thats already been discussed here I would like to make a different suggestion to take care of the spam of bots and hacking going on.

Banning accounts is worked around by these bots by simply making new accounts. Banning them by IP is fairly simple to work around as well.

But you want to know what would be difficult for them to work around? Hardware ID banning.

Other companies do this and it seems to be affective. I think what they do is take the serial number of the hard-drive the game is installed on, and ban all account created on that Hard drive.

That seems like it would be a lot harder to work around, and I feel like the guys at Nexon in LA should look into it.

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