Bear/Cat is the suggested build

Putting points into each animal is actually a really bad idea because it will take you much longer to get better skills. Bear/Cat is the suggested build, so you can boss and also be supportive. Bear is really good at mobbing, despite being stationary for your main attack, but Trumpet and Lil Fort help with that. Some people will suggest Leopard/Cat or Leopard/Bear, since Leopard is mobile, but I got my original BT to 200+ and my new BT over level 100 with just Bear.

I am a different kind of tamer. I dropped leopard and went with fort/arby (neither has all skills maxed) with Eka support. I really like having hawk for power mapping large maps. You can use her speed to launch to the top of tier’d maps and change to bear in mid air. Then I drop down each platform dropping skills. I also love access to Eka’s nest and Regroup function to pull the entire party to me. I know that it isn’t very hard to get most places but it is still a function I like having.


There is no set build you “should” be following. This is why i enjoy using beast tamer so much – every person that uses beast tamer does something differently. Except for the people that go Bear + Cat because that’s the bossing / DPS route. I’m going Kitty + Leopard because… cats… what more is there to say? . Bro attack from leopard can carry over to other animals so kitty can summon little leopards.

I like to use cat for blitzkrieg (ultimate), purr zone, meow card, fire kitty, and the revive skill when someone dies. Fire kitty actually does a fair amount of damage for a animal that is solely made for supporting.

I like the leopard because he’s very mobile and can take entire or most of a map by himself. Advanced thunder step with thunder trail + 3 point pounce can take the entire romeo juliet map if everyone afk’s. I am not going to say that beast tamer is better then bear for level 140+ but it is certainly viable. Don’t listen to the people that say leopard can’t be used after a certain point.

SP Reset purchased with mesos will return points in all trees so you’re fine. Although even without one you’re probably okay. You can max two trees completely but most of the time you won’t want to or need to max EVERY skill in a tree. You’ll have a few extras.

Honestly fly isnt that good…I was going Cat/Hawk because i thought that would work best for support, but That means you have next to no damage, because hawk is very weak, and Fly is…more of an inconvenience honestly Flying is pretty slow, and to “go faster” you double tap in any direction, but even then, the delay after it is abysmal, and its much much more useful to just use the upgraded flash jump.

As far as I know, only Cat buffs will remain if you switch to another animal, although the only buff affected is the Card skill and any summons you summoned before switching, plus Beast Tamer doesn’t have all that many buffs to begin with.

You can bypass many limitations by right-clicking the mode at the top to go “neutral” and then switching into what you want afterward. With this method you can keep Lil’Fort and Trumpet active (they’ll still expire after their duration) while being in Cat Mode, for example. I just tested Hawk Buffs in this manner and it works as well.

I’m sorry but you just ignored the best buff BT has (aside from hyper). Not too experienced with cat huh? The meow card has a 30% chance to land on gold card ( 30% damage 1 att speede 300?? wep def ) or a chance to land on 30% damage, 1 att speed, or wep defence. Only one out of the 4 is useless. Purr zone/ blitzkrieg also help in parties. Lil’fort isnt that bad imo.

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