Blockbusters and SoloStory

Why must “Blockbusters” be strictly solo content?

In Black Heaven, the entire Maple Alliance is gathering to fight – but you can’t bring your friends. Apparently, it’s more important to fill the Lumiere with ordinary Cygnus Knights and Resistance fighters, than to bring your friends who you know to be as exceptionally heroic as yourself. You do infiltrate the Black Heaven with a “party” of NPC’s, but at the end you’re left alone to face the boss.
And if the boss is too hard for you, you get to “weaken” it, with no plausible story explanation.
Why couldn’t it be “reinforcements have arrived!” and have those NPC’s “fight alongside you” to make the boss’s HP bar go down faster, and use their magic or technology to disable some of his nastier tricks?
At least give people the notion that if you can’t take a boss down by yourself, maybe you should go with a party. Too many players in today’s Maple seem to be unaware of that option.

And then came Masteria Through Time.
In which you can’t weaken the boss.
It’s not an easy boss, but even if you’re unfunded or play a class that’s ill-suited for solo bossing, you have to fight it over and over and over and over until you manage to defeat it.
(And I won’t even mention the Holy-immune Crimson Guardians that make the whole thing completely unfair to bishops, because I’m hoping that’s not intentional and will be fixed)

Why can’t Blockbusters be like the Grand Athenaeum? It’s the same sort of story content, but it can be done either solo or in a party. Yes, it’s a bit odd when there are several of you in the room and the NPC talks to you as if you’re alone, but Maple’s always been like that – and besides, if the NPC dialog can change according to your class, it shouldn’t be too hard to adjust it to talk to a group.

I know the vast majority of people would still do these blockbusters solo, or just carry mules through them, but I still think the option of a party should be available. This is an MMO, after all.

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