Botters (iSilenT) in One Card, Star Planet

When playing one card my average is normaly between 2 and 2,5. One time when I had really bad luck on the resert day it dropped down to 2,8 but fast it fixed by itself. On the other side you see botters, surely everyone that plays one card has came across them on a common basis. Specially one person that I keep seeing around, even from like 2 months ago I remember how his many mules kept ruining my games, it is so annoying when the game gets stuck because the botter made the time ran out for changing the colour. Even then I kept bringing this up gms in live chat and probably I was not the only one reporting him.

Today I saw him again, with 29 games his average was 3,62 (suprised?). So i am wondering how are botters like him still able to play the game? Does a gm never checks whats happening in Star planet?

This sort of thing should be reported in the Moderator Contact part of the forums.
In public it is against the forums “naming and shaming” rule.

That said, and since I assume a mod will soon come around to censor your mentioning of the person’s IGN, I will just say that I have seen them botting at One Card as well (and even alluded to it in said Zero ranks thread).

However, I don’t think GMs check on Star Planet at all. I don’t know whether they have the ability to observe mini-games invisibly (as they observe training/bossing maps in the game), and it’s also not as easy to identify a bot in One Card as it is to identify one in Maple itself.

1. If you AFK you don’t get kicked out. You just don’t get points for that round.
2. These are bots, not do-nothing AFK’ers. They click on cards. The game doesn’t know they’re AFK, unless they have three turns in a row where they have no card that can be played.
3. I prefer One Card because, while Yut can give more points, it glitches a lot for me (doesn’t show me my throw, doesn’t let me play) and it gives no points if the game runs too long (which happens often enough to be frustrating). At least if a One Card game runs to 10 minutes you get decent points for it.

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