Bringing back the ability to use non-signature skills with any equip-able weapon

I miss being able to do this back when the game wasn’t so simple, so I was wondering if this can be brought back to explorers. I see no harm in this since it allows players to be more free with their skills and test their limits by possibly capping with a non mastered weapon.

-Allow all non projectile consuming buffs to be used with any equip-able weapon.
-Allow most skills to be used with any weapon. A few minor examples would be to allow NL’s Web to be used with daggers, Meso Explosion could be used with claws, and Snipe could be used with Bows and more. What can’t be done would be like using Blast with an Axe, but it may be possible to allow spears to be used and use the same attack animation as the sword version. Other skills that wouldn’t be possible to use with other weapons would be Phase Dash without a dagger, Quad Star without claws/stars (obviously), or using bullet consumption skills with a knuckle.

I thought it was fun being a SinDit (bandit that used only lucky 7 and passives) or a Corsair that could use pistol whip using buccaneer skills since being able to do this was a choice players could make.

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