Celebrate Lunar New Year with the World of Divination: 1/27 – 2/16

Wednesday, January 27 – Tuesday, February 16

Lunar New Year is here, and we’re celebrating with the World of Divination event! Head to the Event Hall to visit the fortune tellers that have gathered there from around Maple World.

Henesys’s Lucky Pig Fortune Telling

Visit the Fortune Teller from Henesys and learn about the Lucky Fortune Telling Pig, which appears randomly in fields once per day. Go out in search of this mysterious animal to test your luck! Once you encounter the Lucky Fortune Telling Pig, click on it. If the pig “oinks” once, you’ll be rewarded with an increased meso drop buff for one hour! If the pig “oinks” at least twice or says nothing, there’s no reward that day. Try again tomorrow!

Edelstein Bleigiessen

The Fortune Teller from Edelstein is looking for Lead Lumps. Hunt monsters within your level range to collect 30 of these weighty items, and then turn them in to receive one of four types of Solidified Lead Lump. Each lump has special powers, and can grant you a random amount of EXP, mesos, Spell Traces, or Power Elixirs! Complete the quest up to five times per day to earn lots of good fortune!

Shanghai’s Yu Rang Fortune Telling

Speak to the Fortune Teller from the Far East to receive a random fortune objective each day. These objectives include raising Fame, achieving a combo kill, or meeting other players of a certain type. If you complete the objective, you’ll get a Good Fortune Box from the Sky. Open the box to receive one random item including one of four new chairs (permanent and 90-day versions available), a Pendant of the Spirit, Spell Traces, or other items!

Rien’s Glacial Fortune Telling

The Fortune Teller from Rien has a special item for you to hold on to! Keep the Fortune Imbued Glacial Shard in your inventory for 30 minutes to receive a Fortune Telling Paper. Double-click the paper to get one of four fortunate buffs! For 30 minutes, earn additional EXP, Physical/Magical Defense, HP/MP, or Speed/Jump.

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