Changing Innocent Scrolls to reset tradability would be a good alternative to PSOK

By resetting an item’s stats with an Innocent Scroll, you keep the potential, but the item stays untradable unless a (P)SoK is used. If Innocent Scrolls were to reset the item’s tradability status, whether it be a SoK, PSoK, or even Tradable Until Equipped, it would be a nice alternative than buying a SoK or PSoK to make these items tradable again.

You may ask what purpose SoK and PSoKs would serve with this and it’s new purpose would be to trade the item without resetting it’s stats, rather than simply making it the only way to make equipment tradable. If an item is godly and of value, you would use a (P)SoK to trade that item. If you only wanted the item for it’s good potential, and don’t mind rescrolling it again because it probably wasn’t that great anyways, you can just use an Innocent Scroll for “free*”

*You’d have to obtain it ingame, either from a boss or purchased with mesos.

-The cash shop innocent scroll would be removed in this process except for ReBoot since that’s the main way to obtain this item. I’m not sure if this is actually in reboot though, and the tradability reset doesn’t apply to them.

-There will be a restriction of trade resets for Tyrant items only. Nova and Helisian Gear will be eligable for the Trade Reset effect.

I’d rather Nexon just update the tradeability of items in general. Most, if not all, of the items which require a SoK should be freely tradeable in the current game. A decent amount of the items requiring a PsoK should only require a regular SoK, and some completely untradeable items need to be made tradeable.

But anyway, if I understand correctly, perfect innocence scrolls only differ from regular innocent scrolls in that they also reset AO on equipment, which also resets the scissor count on that item (and honestly this really makes me wonder why GMS implemented perfect innocence scrolls at all……..). So I could get behind adding the functionality to the perfect innocence scrolls, which are usually available from coin shops.

But it would require some restrictions. For regular equipment, the potential contributes far more to the power of it than the scrolling and enhancing. And trading is restricted to make it more difficult to trade around extremely powerful items. So I don’t know if it makes sense to remove the upgrades that contribute the least to an item’s strength and then make it freely tradeable once.

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