Decent skills are ok

I rather like the Status Immunity idea, considering the upcoming nerf to status resistance (in V). However, getting full immunity to just about every status, just for getting 5 explorers to 120, seems a tad bit overpowered. In comparison, currently, getting 5 Cygnus Knights to 120 only gets you 25% status resistance. So this needs to be fine-tuned a little. Maybe have each level of the skill grant a bit more immunity to both statuses, so you’d need to get all three classes (or two, in the case of Bowmen) to 120 for full immunity.

Decent skills are ok but we’ll be getting them anyway in V and can already get them in potential and nebulites, so I don’t view them as nearly as attractive.

I object to individual link skills for each class, or Kisage’s idea of skill level depending on number of explorers in each branch. Even if we assume the 12-link cap is removed, getting 13 more characters to 120 sounds really painful. Even getting them all to 70 is too tedious for the supposed benefit. (Full immunity to an otherwise incurable deadly status sounds worth it to me. 15% buff duration? Not so much, except to very specific classes).


Well anyways, I think that can be fine-tuned. It would be max level 4 for bowman, and max level 6 for all others. The lingering question I have would be how much resistance do you get in levels 1-3/1-5, before achieving permanent immunity? Since a number of classes already have 60% status resistance before Cygnus link and Hyper Stats, some even going even further with hyper skills to the skills doing such evil, I don’t think it should be enough to warrant getting classes to level 70 and calling it a day.

I’m working under the logic we have right now as opposed to KMS logic since our Status Resistance is still based around resisting the status, as opposed to shortening the duration.

I also kinda agree with not having individual links for each class as opposed to each branch of explorers. On one hand it could add a lot to each path of explorers, but on the other hand it just kinda adds unnecessary clutter to the link skills we already have, plus that would be 14 or so link skills if you wanted every Explorer link, which currently is even more than the link skill limit.

Our best chance at ever getting explorer link skills in the game would be to ask for a common link skill like the KoC or Resistance have. Personally I don’t really care much what we get (a little but not much at this point). And even if they did implement 5 separate, new link skills for the branches, we don’t have enough space for even one more link skill atm so I don’t see the point of 5 highly desirable links appearing at the same time.

DA and Kanna have 10% damage in just lv 2 and Demon slayer gives a whopping 15% boss damage at lv 2. We know most players won’t get to lv 210 for their links so at best you’ll get 15% ATK, 15% buff duration, 10% crit damage (okay maybe this needs some tweaking), 15% drop and 20% cd skip. But that’s 13 characters you’ll need to get to 120, which is still quite time consuming for the average player. If it was any weaker might as well not have them in the first place.

Well Wild Hunter is my prime example where CD skipping is most OP since their ability to stack Another Bite is limited by their inability to spam the same skill that has the highest chance to inflict the debuff, that or Rampage as One (100% chance). Also high damage of jaguar skills but you know…

Some other classes where Cooldown Skip would be kinda OP but not quite to the level of Wild Hunter are Angelic Buster (or any class that has her link skill), Demon Slayer (His infinite fury skill and Blue Blood), Night Walker (Their hyper skills are rather damage boosting), and while I’m not for sure on this one, Evan and Aran (Dragon Skills and Adrenaline hyper skill).

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