Demon Outlaw class

I really wouldn’t enjoy a class more if this was a playable class in the game.

A dual-wielding gun slinger that’s a half-demon-half-angel hybrid who’s a top class bad-ass demon killing machine. Demon Outlaw would focus on ranged attacks while blasting foes away with a barrage of bullets. Every kill charges his soul meter and when maxed, can unleash his inner demon and explode to cause the map to rain bullets for a short time.

Weapon: Dual Pistols OC DO NOT STEAL (jk, this class is based on Dante and his Guns from Devil May Cry, much like how Demon Avenger is based on a mix of Dante as well and his brother Virgil.)

Secondary: none. Dual Pistols act as both the main and secondary weapons, thus there will be an extra slot (8 or 9), compared to most other weapons (7 or 8).

Since there’s no secondary weapon, Demon Outlaw gains double the effects from potential on his Dual Pistols.
MainStat: DEX
Secondary Stat: LUK. There will be a 60 Luk requirement skill that gives critical rate based on that luk (2 luk : 1% crit ratio).

Double Rapid Fire Action! Demon Outlaw’s skills focus on mobility as well as firing his guns at super-human speeds.

Leap high into the air with your hybrid wings (1 demon wing, 1 angel wing). While falling, use the force of bullets to keep you off the ground while hailing on enemies from above. You may also glide while using this skill to increase range. This is a vertical “rapid fire” skill.

Fire pistols at the speed of light to use a deadly rapid fire no one has seen before! (2x speed rapid fire that does two lines of damage). Use the Up and Down keys to aim the direction of fire. Holding the Up or Down buttons before using this skill will automatically place the direction of fire at the highest or lowest angle. You can move forwards and backwards while using this skill without changing directions (See: Wild Hunter’s Backstep skill).

Bullets Ricochet! Using the 2d Skeleton Mechanic, if you aim bullets towards platforms, they “bounce” off to attack enemies. Bullets that bounce are a lot weaker, but they can also ignore Damage Reflect. Bullets can ricochet off of at least 3 platforms before disappearing or hitting a monster. Damage is decreased by 20% each time a bullet ricochets (up to 60% reduced damage).

Light and Dark affinity: Every 2nd shot uses the Light Elemental, every other shot uses the Dark Elemental. There is also a 40% magic elemental ignore rate against normal monsters and 80% magic elemental ignore rate against boss monsters.

The ability to use two attacks at once! There will be skills made specifically for the Heaven Pistol and the Hell Pistol, that will have a 0 casting speed to allow you to use Heaven and Hell attack skills at the same time (button mashing). Does not apply when using the same affinity skill twice.

While attacking, fill up the soul meter to unleash a devastating ultimate skill that releases an exploding demon that causes the map to rain bullets for 10 seconds. Killing normal monsters charges the meter by 1, while every 3rd attack to boss monsters charges the meter by 2. Soul Meter requires 100 souls but can be released at 80 souls to deal a weaker version of this attack that only rains bullets for 5 seconds.

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