Desperate new mapler needs advice on a cliché question regarding class

None of the classes you listed at the end were very fun for me to play, so I don’t really know if our playstyles are much alike. However, I don’t understand why you’re leaning towards explorers. There are a lot of diverse classes with unique styles you’re missing out on by limiting yourself to those jobs.

In terms of fun, I enjoy Zero, Hayato, and basically any other class that combos fast-moving skills together. It takes a while to learn to navigate some maps, and it can feel pretty cool when you’re finally flying around seamlessly. That being said, I would recommend balancing the “fun” of playing a class against your goals. Any class can do end game content, but some are a lot better suited for bossing than others. (i.e. people seem to have a lot of trouble controlling Zero while bossing, and their long skill animations can get you killed if a boss throws up damage reflect)

Here are my unsolicited recommendations and basic reasoning:

Demon Avenger. Technically a resistance class, yes? Anyway, massive hp (100k+ easily), 100% stance, tanky monster. Cheap to fund, lots of %hp easily obtainable. However, a lot of the time you’ll end up standing there holding down one button (like 80% of the classes in the game) and its attacks aren’t… super amazingly cool to look at or anything. Doesn’t use potions, like… ever.

Phantom. Large selection of very useful skills (HS, cross surge, haste, cannon bazooka, sharp eyes, etc), gets into parties pretty easily, or can train well on its own (again, HS or cross surge). To the Skies lets you flirp back to your airship, then “teleport” (3 min wait) to one of a number of destinations across the game. (PS: if this feature is a huge seller for you, Zero gets an actual teleport you may wanna look into)

Zero. Available for creation through August somethingth, it’s a whirly death machine with some big perks and a few drawbacks. Mostly this satisfies your “learning curve” criteria, cuz a lot of people complain about comboing, managing cooldowns, and the tendency for Alpha to fly wildly all about the screen. However, with practice, it’s not terribly hard to use this mobility to your advantage. Also, instant temple warp, instant temple profession training, instant temple character trait boosts, insta-… you get the point. Also uses very few potions.

Beast Tamer. Actually haven’t played this yet, and I’m not sure how drastically her skills are changing with the rerelease tomorrow, but I wouldn’t count it out. Unless the big farting bear totally ruins it for you or something, BT is pretty unique. I’ll be trying it out, anyway.

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