Died on a quest. Can’t get back to restricted area

I have a Beast Tamer and I was on a Beast Tamer quest called “The Missing 1” when I got distracted and let my character’s HP drop to 0. I got teleported to the nearest town, Magatia.

Since the quest had automatically teleported me into the Zemunist Research Institute, that was how I originally got there, but now I can’t find a way to get back. From Alcadno Research Institute: Lab – Area B-1, I am told I’m not authorized to enter the secret passageway.

Also my NPC (Omega Sector Agent) whom I was getting the quest from is already in Zemunist Research Institute, and I can’t reach him at all. I tried forfeiting the quest, but I still can’t reach the NPC or get back to the Zemunist Research Institute.

Is there a way to get back to the place you were before during a quest that gave you access to a restricted area?

Sorry for my clumsiness. I finally found the other secret passageway into the Zemunist Research Institute in the stove in the Zemunist President’s house.
I dunno how to delete this thread, so I thought I’d say I’ve found my solution.

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