Do maplestory2 Wild Hunters get better after 2nd job?

I made a Wild Hunter during the revamp, and enjoyed it for the 50 levels I played it. I just recently started leveling that character again, and have realized that I am totally BORED. All I do is run back and forth on my jaguar, and spam triple shot. The jaguar skills all have a cooldown, and feel clunky to use IMO, so they can’t break up the monotony.

Does this change in 3rd and 4th job, or is the whole class like that?

In 3rd job you shoot 5 arrows with the main attack.

You also get White Heat Rush, which sends you upward in a diagonal fashion, Assistant Hunting Unit, which fires off for 4 seconds, reloads for 4 seconds, and repeats for the next 28 seconds (8 second cooldown). I found that that skill is especially useful in the common training areas. The toggle skill will force your character to face one direction constantly no matter which direction you are actively walking in, superbly useful for bossing and flat training areas.

In 4th job, you get Wild Arrow Blast (Hurricane) and Drill Salvo (powerful 8 second summon) in terms of attacks you can use on both mounted and unmounted. It would be better if you just went to AyumiLove or something, I’m pretty sure there are videos that depict how the Wild Hunter operates in 4th job and beyond (unless you are in GAZED or will join GAZED soon due to the World Alliance, in which case I could show you myself, being a Wild Hunter main and all)

Mounted Wild Hunters are meant for Mobbing, and unmounted for bossing. This may be why the jaguar skills are “clunky”, because they are meant to be used while you are firing off arrows against bosses.

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