Do you think there will be raid style MS2 bosses?

By this I mean, bosses that require multiple parties to enter and defeat together. Zakum looks like a ton of people are needed to defeat it but idk if they’re planning a legitimate raid style party system What do you guys think? Will raid parties be a thing in MS2?

TheGreatPuff I don’t think it applies. Note that in MS2, parties hold 10 people. That’s already multiple groups compared to another MMO. Every time a game aims to make instanced raid bosses with too many people, it ends up being problematic, and not nearly enough people get to see the content compared to how much time it takes the devs to make.

Consider, do we want devs spending several months making a specific instance that only 3% or so of the gamers will complete? Why not just add more world bosses and events? The math almost never adds up, unless it’s a game that’s really supposed to cater to that specific audience (even WildStar was such a game, and they had to backtrack).

So yeah, I’d say 10 people party boss is enough. They can put some big bosses in the Shadow World if people need something seriously intense.

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