Don’t ever spend another dime on maplestory

Apparently nexon feels that giving Second Chances and maple points to people who intentionally hacked and botted and duped billions of stuff is okay, but I who accidentally duped something as meaningless as a 8 att work glove from trying to sell it in fm from FOUR years ago due to other people channel crashing is deemed “too serious”. I didn’t even get to keep the second glove because it was sold! The part that annoys me the most is that for four years, they didn’t even bother to tell me what I had done to deserve my permanent, unappealable ban. They even got billingpp to lock my account for an issue completely unrelated to credit charging issues so that I couldn’t submit any tickets or anything from that account. Took me four years to get an answer as to why my level 180 character (from five years ago, mind you) was blocked.

Sometimes I feel like Nexon is probably secretly behind selling VIP hacks so they can make even more money, and that’s why they “accidentally” leave so many bugs in the game. But then again they’re probably not even smart enough to hack their own game haha…

Anyways, half of this will probably be edited anyways due to the censorship here being worse than China. But just wanted to warn everybody that your account could be blocked for absolutely no reason at all at any point (like walking through demon slayer bots infested maps and getting banned while they don’t), so think about that the next time you want to buy nx. You’re not buying anything for yourself, you’re just merely renting things from Nexon.

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