Every town packed other than Maplestory Henesys

Every town packed other than Henesys. Perion Ch 1. was the Free Market before Free Market came out. There were actually areas to explore between each town in Victoria such as Pig Beach, and all the surrounding areas including Henesys Hunting Grounds. The EXP required to level was literally double what it is now, not to mention the only EXP upgrades were 2x coupons and Holy Symbol. And monsters gave less than half the EXP they did now. When only Wizet was in charge, an unfortunate situation they were in however cared more about the community than any GM system I’ve witnessed. A game where I would come home from school and talk to my friends, and train, and a goal would be set in mind. “Can I level today?” “I wonder if I can make 100k today?” Heh, even the hackers were nice. A challenge. Pure and simple. All challenges to the game of which would be swept away with time. Pre Big Bang was the start of it, as everyone says. However I believe it was the Tempest Update that officially stripped Maple of it’s last true challenge: Travel. Kaiser and Angelic Buster brought about Pantheon, as we all know: A portal to go wherever you want. I think the thing that saddens me most about the traveling is the fact that the Orbis boat (and all other boats) can still be used, despite it being cut in half the travel time. Yet no one uses them.

While Pantheon is out, I do not see the point in having these old travel methods, sad to say. It’s for sure that Nexon, while I thank it for the 11 years I’ve fully played this game (Beta), has officially made this game pay-to-win. I do not have regrets playing this game, nor am I complaining. In fact, I’ve even met my girlfriend who I am now with in real life due to this game. I live in New Hampshire and she lives in California. As funny as it is, we have MapleStory to thank for us. And we will be living together next year. I have met so many nice and kind people, the friends that I’ve made are people that I could never replace with people I know in my real life. This game has given me a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience of which I’m grateful. I hope in honor of our old version that the game of course does bring back some old maps and removes functions such as Pantheon and Event Hall, forcing people to collide in a positive arrangement and create friends, just like the old days. I truly hope this happens, but beggars can’t be choosers. So I digress, thank you Nexon, and thank you to the friends I’ve made, and the friends that are no longer with me.

~ Gavin ~
World – Scania
TigerAwoken – Level 210 Dark Knight
ManjiAvenger – Level 150 Demon Avenger
IPetrifiedl – Level 150 Ice/Lightning Arch Mage
vScroll – Level 150 Night Lord
vThunderl – Level 150 Thunder Breaker
DawnOfTiger – Level 150 Xenon
TempleTwins – Level 150 Zero
HeartFeltAim – Level 150 Wind Archer
OnceAQueen – Level 150 Mercedes
SpawnCreator – Level 150 Kanna
YuYuHakkusho – Level 132 Hayato
AerialCharm – Level 150 Phantom
HalfThePower – Level 150 Luminous
KamovKA50 – Level 142 Jett
vDemi – Level 150 Demon Slayer
vSaviour – Level 132 Kaiser
vWonderful – Level 150 Angelic Buster
M32Duster – Level 150 Cannon Master
vCaptain – Level 142 Mihile
MeowMeoooow – Level 135 Beast Tamer
YusekeShade – Level 150 Shade
TheIconOfSin – Level 150 Night Walker
BlazingWall – Level 150 Blaze Wizard
OnlyOneOnyx – Level 130 Evan
EncasedInIce – Level 132 Aran
SenpaiTiger – Level 150 Blade Master
BeholdenSCA – Level 150 Wild Hunter
ReignSCA – Level 150 Mechanic
ReaveSCA – Level 150 Battle Mage

And to my brother, love you, and miss you.

PerfectRifle (Airster)

To my current Guild Beholden (Guardian Alliance) and my friends.

Girlfriend – RoyalTigers

I miss you Skrazox and Endura, the Armin/Mikasa to my Eren. =)


Never be cynical, walk your path as if you’ve lived a thousand life times. Make friends as if they will save your life someday.

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