Fantasy war tactics- MapleStory 2 event review

Luminous could also be very strong on lava map I think because he could just chill on slot 4 and maybe on slot 2 or 3 is a bait so eclipse activates and he could come and disarm multiple enemys and activate equilibrium if he also heals an ally And on ice map I think a Eunwol, Luminous combo could be real nasty or what do you think ?

They voted Reina because she was in the Island during the vote time. That is garbage. Muang has a real need for improvement. Take away the damn skill requirements at least. Just buff him flat out. Make him mobile as hell.. something.

So i heard you say you weren’t impressed by Aran for guilds raids but i was wondering, do you think she could replace krut on friday’s? even though krut has defence ignore and increased final skill damage % but i reckon Aram may give him a ran for his money with her passive / 3rd hitting every turn

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