Final Test Applications & Patch Notes Special – Maplestory 2

Hey guys, exciting news! The MapleStory 2 team announced today that the Final Test will be taking place on May 1! I’m not sure what ‘final’ implies, since it is still a closed beta and they were planning on having an open beta in the future…
In addition, I missed a ton of posts including concept art, a new Adventurer’s choice, and patch notes.
The Final Test for MapleStory 2 will take place on May 1 and will last 10 days, ending on May 10. Applications will be open from April 15 to 26, and you can find out if you’re chosen on April 29!
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Users who participated in the Alpha test or the first Closed Beta will not have to reapply.

30,000 new testers will be accepted, in addition to those chosen in previous testing phases.

Berserker, Heavy Gunner, and Thief will be available for users to play! In addition, new skills, guild battles, new party dungeons, and more than 25 kinds of Maids have been added!

Unlike the previous testing phase, the Final Test will be open 24 hours a day!

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