Frequent Crashing & Disconnects

Hello, I’m a VERY new player to Maplestory, started about 3 days ago.

The First day went off without a hitch, no issues, no lag, very enjoyable and had fun.
So the next day I get on, I’m not lagging or anything, but I disconnected randomly, I figured it was due to the high activity on the Reboot server (which is the one I was playing on). So I just went back in.

Although minutes after going back in I crashed….without any indication as to what caused it, the game froze for quite a long time, about 2 minutes before it just crashed.

So I just booted my game back up and started playing again, went smoothly for about 30 minutes, then the same cycle occurred, I disconnected from the game, went back in the game, then few minutes after I crashed. This cycle continued for HOURS. It became infuriating, and I was trying to get the most out of the 2x EXP & Drop event.

Again today the same thing, but the duration between the playing and disconnecting is becoming much shorter. Then the crash afterwards.

I would’ve thought that it may have been a Spec issue with my computer, but the consistent pattern with the disconnection and then the crashing AFTER I log back in from disconnecting makes me think its something else.

Has anyone else had this issue? Have they fixed it? And if So can you help me fix mine? I’m seriously having a great time with this game but this crashing draws away from it.

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