[FUNCTIONALITY] Link Skills deactivating in Reboot World

Bug type: Regarding Link Skills

Brief bug summary: It seems at the start of everyday 0:00PST that link skills no longer are actually linked. Relogging on each of the linked characters seems to fix it for the rest of the day but once again at 0:00PST it’ll reset and Links will no longer be given. Even though it shows the character is sending to X Character. Screen shots provided. This also seems to only be on the Reboot Server. While it’s not a major bug it is inconvenient to have to relog into every character to have link skills working

More details:

ScreenShot of Character giving link to another character

another character

Screenshot of Character that should be receiving the link.

Screenshot of Character

Steps to reproduce:

Character name: Howlitzer/EFox
Character level: 70/89
Character job: Cannoneer/Kanna
World name: Reboot
Date and time of the incident: 10:30PST 12/4/2015 – 12/6/2015

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