Funny Ninja Castle Quest thing

Ok, about 2 weeks ago, I finished the Ninja Castle quest chain. Turns out there’s a daily for it after wards, giving some kind of small reward for killing the False Daimyo and bringing back his ETC drops.

I do not know if it would be considered a bug, so I hesitated to write this over to bug reporting. For all I know, it’s an actual intended design.

Supposedly, the quest is for you to somehow get the False Daimyo’s Wallet and Armrest drops. When you turn in the quest, however, it does NOT take it. This allows you to get a free item everyday after the first kill. You don’t get anything game breaking, mind you, but I wonder if this was intended.

Quest Name: A Vigilant Eye (Lv. 160+)
Prerequisite: The Emperor Toad Strikes Back! (Lv. 160+)

Items you have a chance at getting daily:
40 Power Elixir
70 Reindeer Milk
70 Sunset Dew
Advanced Potential Scroll
60 Mushroom Miso Ramen
70 Triangular Sushi (mushroom)
Scroll for Gloves for ATT 60%
Scroll for Gloves for Magic Attack 60%

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