Further AMPLIFIES the negative effect upon the sum total

You don’t need Kishin to grind efficiently. Sure the spawns would be faster, but with a map size and layout that works best with whatever class you’re grinding it wouldn’t even matter since you’ll still be gaining decent exp.

Plus burning stages, runes, Mercedes link skill, Zero character card, a Bishop to give you Holy Symbol, etc…Basically you don’t really need Kishin since there’s a frick ton of ways for extra exp that stack and more than make up for a bit of an increase in mob density.

And I’m not talking about Kishin directly, which would be like -8x at that point, I’m talking about USING Kishin in order to FIX THE SPAWN RATES on maps. Not even having it in active use at all.


And bringing up burning stages, runes, etc only further AMPLIFIES the negative effect upon the sum total. Basically, if you add EVERY possible exp gain trick in the book you’re probably getting around -12x… again, FROM THE SUM TOTAL of what you would have gotten if it wasn’t broken.

are you saying that, because of the spawn rate/time of mobs, you’re getting less exp than you normally do? but isn’t the amount that you’re getting right now (without 2x exp) considered normal?

would mean negative two TIMES the exp, not the overall sum of exp minus two. The X is for multiplication, not subtraction. If you’re gaining 19000 exp per kill normally, if it were -2x you’d be losing twice that per kill (or a gain of negative 200%). If it were .5x you’d be gaining 8000 exp (50%) per kill.

well, couldn’t it still technically be considered the normal amount? taking into consideration the fact that KMS doesn’t have kanna, which means no kishin. even then, kishin was nerfed in JMS so we still were getting more than what could be considered normal. but i’m not very caught up on all of the spawn whatever mumbo jumbo that’s going around, so i could be wrong.

Just as it might be “normal” in some parts of the world to walk or ride horses, but we in the industrialized world have had motor vehicles for so long we consider having fast transportation “normal”.

Why the heck are we calling Kanna’s kishin the “normal” exp? It’s a skill that increases spawn rates and mob totals. Note the word “increase”. AKA, not base value. If Holy Symbol was broken would you say we were somehow now on permanently decreased experience as well?

(By the way, Deathmob, even if this idea of -4X exp actually made any sense, it would be .25X experience, not -4X. Unless you’re trying to tell me that killing mobs decreases your exp right now. This is multiplication, not addition.)

Yeah, it sucks that kishin is broken. We all want them to fix it ASAP. Can we stop crying incessantly on the official forums now? It’s annoying and isn’t helping anything.

I’m no expert here, but I think a lot of new people to this topic are assuming that he is talking about grinding in a map that is currently being kishin’d by a kanna/mule, when really its about a bug with kishin where it somehow improves the spawnrate of a map (maybe its the instant respawn part?) until the game goes down for maintenance. After a maintenance, kannas have to go out and kishin each map to obtain a faster spawnrate. Hopefully I’m getting that correct.

Kishin has three functions:

1. Attacking. This one wasn’t broken. It only happens while the skill is active and the Kanna is on the ground in the map (not hanging on a rope or ladder).

2. Increasing the number of enemies on the map. This one was broken two weeks ago and was fixed in the last maintenance. It only happens while the skill is active and the Kanna is in the map.

3. Reducing the respawn time of enemies on the map. This one was broken two weeks ago and is still broken. The infamous “glitch” is that this effect remains active even after the Kanna leaves the map. However, right now, because this effect never activates in the first place, it obviously doesn’t linger after the skill stops, either.

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