Game won’t load, stuck at Nexon maplestory2 Game Security

So on both of my laptops Maplestory won’t load when it gets to the nexon game security part and after awhile it will ask me to send a crash error report and then the game starts loading (jumping mushroom) but soon after that it will crash the launcher. At the log in screen when I type in my info I will DC and if I can get past that to the channel selection I DC. If I can get on after those two problems, then my game is SUPER laggy and runs really slowly. I found a fix to this is when I log on I open task manager and end the process Nexon Game Security and then I go to jumping mushroom, log in screen, channel select and log in just fine with no lag. This is clearly a problem if it is occurring on two separate laptops. Could this be a problem with my network/ISP as I play on my college campus internet?

I have also tried several different log-in methods and the same maplestory2 problem occurs whether I log in through Firefox Play button, Gamelauncher, or through Steam.

Please help.

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