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MapleStory 2 : The Assassin Skill Guide

MapleStory 2 : The Assassin Skill Guide

In MapleStory2, the Assassin is a long-distance dartboarder, a killer hidden in the dark, with super high explosive power, gorgeous skills, strong sense of operation, but because of the need to release skills and position frequently, the operation is more difficult high. If you are


MapleStory 2 Gameplay First Look

I would kill myself. Started Mabinogi back in 2008 and I quit in 2015. Did not meet many nice people. Granted it is the internet and there will always be a lot of dirtbags that are mean and rude. But still. Not many nice people.

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Hard Magnus Suggestion Thread

While I’m very much aware that these threads are a dime a dozen, I think that with the V patch coming up, it’s time Nexon finally changed Hard Magnus and removed some of the antihack measures that were implemented years ago. So let’s address each

Maplestory Demon Classes

Maplestory Two New Demon Classes

Cygnus Knights and Resistance both have four or more innate classes (counting Xenon) so I think it’d be cool if the demons had their own set. There’s already Demon Slayer and Demon Avenger so they could add Demon Slasher or Demon Scythe where they would

Give me an honest answer about the insane amount of hackers in MS

Maplestory Demon Avenger takes hits like a champ

Evan is extremely squishy! I’m level 161 right now, and I’m trying to push through the Temple of Time quests, and with the Oblivion Guardians dealing about 4k-5k damage to me per attack, and not being able to use potions as quickly as I need

maplestory Perm

Perm Nx in Reboot is Rigged

So what’s up the premium, anniversary boxes? The Cash shop update page says there’s like 100 different selections you can possibly get from opening a box but they don’t list all the items that you can get. I feel like Nexon should give a clear

Maplestory Aquarius Crown

Aquarius Set Maplestory items

You know how the Aquarius Crown has no set effect, 1 all stat and 1 att / m attack and DOUBLE the base amount of slots of a Root Abyss hat? How about you guys make an level 150 armor set with no set effects

Masteria Android Shop

[Maplestory Suggestion] Masteria Android Shop

I’d like to throw out suggestions based on the androids that are obtained through the masteria through time blockbuster. Seeing as they’re obtained through masteria, i think it’d be an interesting idea to theme the shop to masteria. Let me elaborate for clarity. I believe

The Maplestory APQ

The Maplestory APQ

The Apq has been fixed =) For those of you that don’t remember the Apq was the married party quest located in Amoria. For some reason it was glitched and left that way for years. Anyways, It’s been fixed and I’m always looking for people

Maplestory beta tester

Maplestory beta tester

Came and went several times over the years. I’ve been glad that I stuck with the game since first hearing about it a long time ago. I might be off topic, though I’ll also be on topic about the history as well. Though I might