Glitched Cash maplestory Items – Dragon Lord Gloves

I do know if anyone remembers these gloves or what happened, but back a while ago (somewhere around when Xenon was released) there was an glitched event that hackers caused. It was the Black Dragon Event (I think it was this one? Can’t remember) and the servers were brought down to fix this issue. Unfortunately, it seems that I took the bait and decided to attend these events, thinking they were legit. I was able to get my hands on two of these cursed gloves that is now quite annoying taking up room in my equip tab.

I would like to know if there is anyway to get rid of these gloves. You cannot put them into the Cash Shop or donate it Cloths Collecter in Henesys. They haven’t really bothered me since I never really did keep much equips on me, but now I do and would like to get rid of them. Anyway to get rid of them? Do I have to go through the support system to get rid of these gloves?

Thanks in advance!

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