Gollux Maps need to be fixed and EXP problems

Ok, I was fighting the gollux body parts and made a heart-stopping discovery: you don’t only lose exp at the head, but also the abdomen, AND shoulders! But it seems I lose WAY more exp while battling the head. I hate to say it (I mean REALLY hate to say it), but you HAVE to get rid of the EXP loss at death. And I do mean it as I just lost ALL my exp on my 202 Beast Tamer while battling easy gollux with a sleepy mind at 2:40AM PT in the mourning. And like I said before, re-collecting lost EXP/making up for lost time to farm stuff is time consuming and difficult (especially with a weak defense on your specific character class)! And also, you lose ALL your buffs when you die (another thing to point out)! This is so painful to watch (especially if that is an event-exclusive buff (like the 2X EXP/drop coupon)).

This is a problematic situation as it can consume more ammo on classes like the Corsair. You have Infinity Blast on for 100 bullets, next thing you know, a boss KOs you and you have to consume another 100 bullets just to fire infinitely again (mesos down the drain). I would rather be using my time to make MapleStory movies right now, instead my time’s wasted on re-gathering lost EXP all because of glitches, bugs, DCs, and many other distractions that unexpectedly arise. Finally on the DIPQ, it seems they lowered the amount of EXP you can gain when you kill monsters on the second part of the pq (the part where you kill specters, the boss, and the mobs from both sides of the screen). This is slowing me down and it seems by doing this, they keep us playing this game. (And thats another side note: by adding a decay on 3rd crafting skill (Alchemy, Smithing, Accessory Craft.), they keep us playing in this game (I’m starting to notice a pattern here……). That is not fair at all as when it drops under master, you have to pay another 1m to get it over master again.)

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