Handing over Guild Leadership to Offline memebers

I think it should be done, simply because I’d like to give my guild to my mule on the same account without having to go through a process of using a second account, whether it’s mine or someone else who’s helping me.

That can mostly be rectified by only allowing you to give leadership to someone who has been on since the last maintenance. It guarantees that they would have gotten on the game at least once within a week of being handed leadership. Not perfect, but not a bad system either.

In a similar vein, I think that the Jrs should be given the power to “mutiny” I guess if the GL hasn’t been on in a while. Its pretty annoying if your GL gets busy, or if you’re in a guild where the leader quits without passing off leadership that currently we are stuck like that. No way to do anything with the guild, not join/leave an alliance, no way to get new Jrs/remove Jrs who are abusing their power etc… You could just leave, but if you have friends in your guild you might not want to.

To convince the developers, you probably have to give better reasons than that. Why you don’t want to go through a process of using a second account ? It’s your account anyway. Otherwise, ask someone you can trust to help you with the leadership transfer.

But technically speaking, I don’t think it’s possible because just like joining party, adding friends, faming someone and any other interactive things to do in a MMO game. You account profile have to be login/loaded/active for updates. Otherwise, you are creating a big security risk for all the offline accounts.

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