Hey Maplers Should I Return?

Hey Maplers,

I began my mapling career probably about seven years ago this year. I remember the peaceful community, the amazing boat trips from Point A to Point B gathering with friends and strangers alike…but then I quit…

Fast forward to maybe 4 years ago and I began playing again with a friend of mine. She and I both played often, and eventually had characters reach level 19X…but again, we both just went cold turkey and quit…mainly because we were bored.

I visited this game a year and a half ago, almost two years, and began playing off and on but couldn’t find a group to play with to keep me around and occupied.

My question are…
1. Has the community gotten any better in GMS? Are people beginning to slow down and not power level but instead meet new friends?
1a. To go hand in hand with the previous question, has the community even grown?

2. Have I missed any new classes/jobs within the last two years? When I returned from my long break I found my dexless sin was much more underpowered than I remembered. Then my “new” demonslayer that I began playing again 3 or 4 years ago was again underpowered compared to many others.

3. Should I actually begin mapling again? or will it be a waste of time for a mapling veteran? I know I should be answering this question myself, but I want feedback from the community and veteran maplers (if there are still any around).

TL;DR: Should I come back to mapling? give me the pros and cons of this game at its current state.

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